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CLMV Agri-Techathon 2017

Welcome to the millennial age of entrepreneurship and technology!
Agri-Techathon is a combination of
1) Investor-Entrepreneur-Industry Seminar and
2) Technology Hackathon
hosted together by multiple investors and innovators, including
– Hong Kong Angel Investment Foundation,
– Vertical Farming Association in Israel and
– China Beijing Dongsheng Science and Technology Park, supported by the
– Royal University of Agriculture and
– Hong Kong Polytechnic University’s Global Student Entrepreneur Network.

[Asia Agri-Tech Investmania]

Agriculture is the new black of future patient investment.
With the high inflow of capital and human resource into technology, agriculture development and investment with big data, Internet of things and impact investing become terms of 2017. At the 50th anniversary of ASEAN and the development of Belt and Road initiative of China, agriculture investment is the hot issue to involve, particularly for start-ups.

Agri-Tech Venture Growth Hackathon and Technology Exchange through Entrepreneurship
1. Social Entrepreneurship Movement in Cambodia
2. Internet of Things and Big Data in Agriculture Ventures
3. Financial Inclusion in Agriculture Technology and Payment

[ CMLV Agri-Techathon]
Growth hack with your best techniques and visions to win a sponsorship to Beijing, China for 1 million RMB angel investment. Bring along your agri-technology startups to next level for regional noise and business opportunities through 36 hours of growth hack. Learn from our notable speakers, mentors and your competitors!

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