Apply Subsidy Scheme

Any person or organization wishing to apply for the Angel Investment Foundation’s various funding schemes or business start-up support programs must apply through any of the T.COMBINATOR or accredited startup consultants by completing the application procedure as follows:

1.Fill in the application form

Fill in the form on the right and choose one of the accredited startup consultants to serve you.

2.Consultant contact to follow up

The Accredited Startup Consultant will contact you to follow up the contents of the form for additional supplemental information.

3.Preliminary reply to the feasibility

Approved the initial reply from the accredited startup consultant Is it possible to apply for the Angel Investment Foundation and the feasibility of various government grants and explain the method of payment?

4.Sign up for application

The applicant agrees to recognize the services provided by the accredited startup consultant and will arrange for the signing of the contract and advance payment.

5.Post a detailed study report

The accredited startup consultant will publish a research report based on the contents of the form within two weeks and apply for renewal based on the proposed subsidy plan in the report.

*The accredited startup consultant will submit the documents required for applying for the subsidy scheme to the Angel Investment Foundation on behalf of the applicant and apply to the Angel Investment Foundation for application.

6.Apply for funding in the report

Angel Investment Foundation will issue the application result within one month after receiving the application.

7.Issue the approval result

If the application is approved, the applicant must carry out the relevant payment plan under the terms stipulated by Angel Investment Foundation.

8.Apply Reimbursement after expenses completed

After the applicant completes the relevant payment, the accredited startup consultant will request the related invoice and receipt. Finally, the angel investment foundation will directly deposit the fund into the relevant accredited startup consultant, which will be handed over to the applicant by the consultancy agency.

*If the accredited startup Consultant has assisted the applicant in accordance with all the proposed funding schemes in the study report, and the applicant has not rejected the application or failed to provide sufficient information, the application remains unsuccessful and the cumulative amount of the grant is less than the prepayment amount. The prepayments will be deducted from the applicant’s paid-in grants, and up to full refund of the advance payment.

Project seeks investment

Institutions or individuals who are interested in seeking any investment cooperation from Angel Investment Foundation may submit their applications according to the following procedures:

1.Fill in the application form

Fill in the form on the right and select any of the approved project consultants to serve you.

2.Consultant contact to follow up

Project financing consultant arranges interview with person in-depth understanding of the project;

3.Preliminary reply to the feasibility

The initial reply from the project financing consultant is the possibility of investment cooperation with Angel Investment Foundation.

4.Presenting a cooperation plan

Angel Investment Foundation arranges interviews, proposes follow-up questions and discusses cooperation programs.

5.Implement the cooperation program

The two sides agreed to cooperate in the proposal and sign the contract for implementation.