Market Development Suppprting Scheme

Assisting companies in China and Hong Kong, researching and formulating brand development strategies, designing market expansion models, establishing sales infrastructure, and developing sales channel networks
EligibilityFunding Range

Scheme Introduction

This scheme assists SMEs and start-up research and develops brand development strategies, designs market expansion models, establishes sales infrastructure, develops sales channel networks, and designs various brand applications.

Funding Amount

Individuals or institutions can apply as the applicant for a maximum of 50% of the approved expenditure. Funded individuals or institutions need to pay the balance in cash. The cumulative funding limit for each application unit is HK$500,000.


1.Companies incorporated in Hong Kong;
2.Recommended by a cooperative venture consultant;
3.All contracts need to include designated arbitration clauses;
4.If funding involves promotional print or online advertising,you need to indicate “Angel Investment Foundation Funded Project” in related promotional materials.;
5.If funding involves market research, you need to share research results;
6.If funding involves the development of sales channels, you need to share channel resources;
7.If the funding involves the development of franchise agency, Angel Investment Foundation will have the highest share under grantee’s affiliate or distribution system.;
8.Angel Investment Foundation will have the right to redeem up to 5% of the grantee’s shares for HK$500,000 at any time during the next two years.(equivalent to a valuation of 10 million Hong Kong dollars)。

Funding Range

1.Formulate and implement a comprehensive market development plan;
2.Formulate and implement an annual marketing plan;
3.Competitors and market research;
4.Branding and Visual Identity VI, CIS;
5.Graphic and Website Design;
6.Publishing books and media interviews;
7.Wechat and Facebook page promotion;
8.Cross-border e-commerce shop shelves;
9.Product launch planning;
10.Domestic and international sales channel development;
11.Sales team preparation, management and training;
12.Franchisee establishment and development。

Successful Case

Market Development Support Scheme funded many of our market developments.Such as planning the annual market development plan, establishing a website, social networking page.It even assists us in establishing sales channels and sharing systems, training sales channels, etc.It drastically reduced our initial market development expenditure and prompted more professional teams to assist us.

Pack Ling

Founder/CEO, Statigtor Data

The Market Development Support Scheme assisted us in planning the annual market development plan, establishing a website, and a social networking page, which greatly reduced our initial market development expenses and also led more professional teams to assist us.

Wayne Ho

Founder / CEO, Follow Trade

Application Procedure

Step 1: Financial Budget Preparation

Applicants or institutions need to prepare the financial budget for the next two years,including various budgets, time and reference quotes.The financial budget template can be downloaded here.After filling in, email the financial budget form and the contact information of the applicant to [email protected] will arrange entrepreneurial consultants to contact the applicant within one week.

Step 2: Research Funding Feasibility

According to the financial budget, the consultant will assist applicants in researching the funding scheme of the government and non-government organizations in Hong Kong and China, including the Angels Investment Foundation,to study whether they can apply for various grants and entrepreneurship support scheme, and make relevant recommendations.

Step 3: Submit Application

The applicant agrees that the consultant will assist in applying for the funding scheme proposed by the "Research for Support with Application", including funding from Angel Investment Foundation. The consultant will ask the applicant for the necessary information to assist them in applying for funding.

Step 4: Approve The Application

After the Angel Investment Foundation receives an application submitted by a consultant, it will conduct approval within one month, and the approval result will be notified to the applicant through the entrepreneurial consultant one month later.

Step 5: Carry Out The Project

After receiving the approval notice, the applicant must sign the confirmation receipt and start the approved project within one month. The applicant must pay the relevant expenses first. After the project is completed, the consultant will collect relevant expenses evidence and documents to represent the applicant. The angel investment foundation applies for funding.

Step 6: Apply for Reimbursement

After receiving the project expense documents submitted by the consultants, the Angel Investment Foundation will grant funds to consultants within 2 weeks, and the consultants will pay to the applicant's designated bank account.