Joint Incubation Base Cooperation Plan
In order to strengthen support for Hong Kong's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, the Angel Investment Foundation reserves 40 million Hong Kong dollars to invest in up to 100 local co-working spaces and business centers.
Project background

The Angel Investment Foundation has been committed to cooperating with entrepreneurial incubation bases in different regions, and has successively signed strategic cooperation agreements with famous incubation parks such as Dongsheng Science and Technology Park with a total planned area of 1.2 million square meters in Zhongguancun, Beijing, and IPV Zhishang Valley covering 38 cities across the country. .

In 2017, it also initiated the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Maker Base Alliance with a number of Maker Bases in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and was also invited by the Hong Kong Youth Federation to become one of the first batch of Soviet-Hong Kong-Macao Maker Base Alliance members.

The Angel Investment Foundation integrates local innovation and entrepreneurship resources, including government support policies, angel investors, entrepreneurs, companies, and academic research teams to provide support for venture investment projects.

Plan details
In order to strengthen support for Hong Kong’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, the Angel Investment Foundation reserves 40 million Hong Kong dollars for up to 100 local co-working spaces and business centers, each with an investment of up to 400,000 Hong Kong dollars to build a joint incubation base, combined with government funding plans , To upgrade technology and office facilities, of which HK$200,000 will be used to purchase the provider’s services to support more innovative entrepreneurs.
Each joint incubation base will receive the following support

1. Arrange for consultants to be stationed to provide free entrepreneurial financing consultation;
2. Provide base tenants with a variety of entrepreneurial support services, such as application for funding, debt restructuring, entrepreneurial financing consultants, technology development consultants, human resources consultants, market development consultants and other services to increase the additional income of the base;
3. Base tenants apply for free courses organized by the foundation;
4. Joint venture activities to increase the visibility of the base;
5. The foundation website publishes the base introduction to connect to the reservation system;
6. Provide online room and conference room reservation system;
7. Provide customer management and event management system.

Cooperation conditions
1. Participants need to engage in services such as shared space, co-living space, business center or venue rental;
2. Participants must meet the qualifications for applying for the Hong Kong Government Technology Voucher and still have no less than 300,000 subsidies;
3. For each invested institution, it is necessary to place the brand-related layout of the Angel Investment Foundation Joint Incubation Base at the door and indoors, and place relevant publicity introductions;
4. Provide preferential prices for angel investment foundation members.
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