Top 10 Most Investment Value Startup

Jointly organized by STARTHUB and Angel Investment Foundation, 10 top investment projects with the highest investment value were selected by a number of renowned founders. Angel Investment Foundation also allocated 20 million to buy back guarantees and repurchase up to 70% of the common investors at the original price within 2 years. Investment shares.
(G) Guaranteed Buyback Project
(S) Strategic Investment Project
(T) Winner of Most Investment Value Competition
(W) Wholly Owned Incubatee
    Shenzhen and Hong Kong entrepreneurship financing advisers, focusing on assisting entrepreneurial projects and SME resources in China and Hong Kong entrepreneurial incubator bases for strategic integration, reshaping investment projects, assisting venture capital projects in applying for government and non-governmental organization funding in China and Hong Kong, and various entrepreneurial support Plan to introduce angel investment.
  • Deep Brand
    Shenzhen and Hong Kong market planning companies, mastering international and Mainland culture, serving domestic start-up companies interested in expanding international markets or Hong Kong and international start-up companies interested in entering the mainland market, focusing on sales transformation, planning market development strategies in terms of investment efficiency, and creating Project brand.
  • Principal Technology
    Technology system consultants, focused on assisting start-ups, designing specific system requirements, user interface, and processes according to their business development model and stage of development, making simulation applications for use in roadshows and crowdfunding campaigns, and assisting in the preparation of development teams and Supervise system development work.
  • Head Hunter HK
    Human resource consulting company, focused on assisting start-ups in finding co-founders and forming core teams, developing human resources structure, recruiting and training interns, setting KPIs for work positions, supervising and optimizing work flow and performance, nurturing core company members, and optimizing corporate execution team.
    Entrepreneurship event planning company to assist investors with specific investment objectives to seek out suitable venture capital projects and talents by planning different theme entrepreneurial competitions. At the same time, Angel Investment Foundation’s angel investment guarantee program guarantees that entrepreneurial projects and investors can be accelerated pair.
  • Founders Asia
    Online media platform, focusing on interviews with founders and investors in Asia, including start-ups in China and Hong Kong. Experts from various fields are invited to conduct in-depth research and analysis of different start-up projects, and an interview room is set up in Shenzhen and Hong Kong for regular live interviews with experts. To analyze the latest developments in entrepreneurship.
  • FundMatch
    Financing supply and demand bidding platform, through the platform to understand the specific situation of the customers, the finance companies in Hong Kong will bid, the financial institutions providing the most residence conditions will be matched with the customers, and the platform can also analyze the available funding components in loan applications to assist Customers reduce financing needs and costs.
  • Referrals Global
    The Business Social Application Platform was founded by members from different global business referral organizations. It incorporates a variety of successful referral models, adds accurate calculations and tracks business referrals among members, and assists in obtaining a business referral system for connected earnings. The platform is available online. And mobile software.
  • Connective HK
    Entrepreneur diplomats, on behalf of domestic and foreign start-up companies, conduct document and language translations in various business activities including project roadshows, business networking, investor financing negotiations, etc., and translation services have started to develop into diplomatic representatives and accelerate the expansion of foreign market financing. And business development opportunities.
  • Arbitration Strategy
    The International Arbitration Consultant Company, which introduced investors exclusively for arbitration cases, turned disputes into investment opportunities. It also developed the world’s first arbitration protection plan to transfer the financial risks arising from the arbitration as early as possible through multilingual online mediation and arbitration platforms. More cross-border disputes.
  • STATigator
    The artificial intelligence big data system development company uses artificial intelligence to simulate natural conversations and collects customer background big data to improve the sales of customers. The project was founded by former General Information China Chief Information Officer and was introduced to Hong Kong Microsoft partners and domestic large-scale sales call centers. investment.
  • Ocean Blue Strategy
    The domestic market expands the investment matching platform, focusing on branded products in domestic entities and cross-border electricity stores to promote and promote cost-matching investors, allowing brands to reduce early-stage costs and risks, allowing investors to prioritize early-stage profits and gain first-hand market access. Respond and deploy long-term cooperation.
    The project is a fair exchange that embodies the power of public investment. The market is full of various types of investment tools. Exchanges are also generated by different investment tools. Through crowdfunding methods, no one single gamer can control the investment target, and the public can This platform conducts trading and the market-led public investment platform.
  • fotoSTP
    Asian photographer photo business sharing platform, with 30,000 photographers and 200,000 photos, creates a new source of theme photos for amateur photographers while sharing photos and videos, and the project is also incubatee of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.
  • Follow Trade
    The project brings together global trading experts and also connects with the global financial institutions' Internet real-time tracking trading platform. The platform introduces big data and artificial intelligence trading systems and a number of real-time trading experts from around the world to observe and synchronize the real-time trading of any trader on the tracking platform.
    360-degree 3D VR Full-image Scanning Cloud System Solution, 8K movie-grade resolution, allows you to view ultra-fine 3D models on any device. The model can be applied to object customization simulations, facial makeup simulations, physical clothing trials and threading simulations, and human and object dynamic simulations.
  • OPER
    The project is the world's leading patented automated neural stem cell separation technology for the treatment of incurable diseases such as neurodegenerative diseases and cancer. Technology has won more than 20 local and international awards, including the Gold Medal at the Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions (Surgery category) and the top 100 Red Herring companies.
  • LedoAds
    Top 10 Most Valuable Investment Projects, Sharing Entity Advertising Location Platforms, Converting Idle Living Spaces That Are Often Ignored Everyday to Platforms for Advertising Locations, Allowing Advertisers to Advertise Space Locations to Space Owners, The Platform Now Holds Over 500 Full Sites Advertising locations in various locations in Hong Kong.
  • LalaChat
    Artificial intelligence customer service system can access the world's major personal communication systems, through natural language processing technology, combined with one of the country's largest telemarketing center, over 100 million customer service call records, let robots learn and improve sales and customer service accuracy.
  • FlashAd
    The world's first ultrabook program control lamp, only 0.3mm thick, can be bent to lay any plane, the program controls the light in different locations within the lamp, touch control and central program management functions, interact with customers, the project also won the 2017 annual ten One of the largest investment value projects.
  • Find Solution Ai
    The AI Learning Difficulty Recognition System uses facial expression recognition technology combined with artificial intelligence to instantly detect students’ difficulty and obstacles in different topics, so as to adjust the difficulty of the subject, enhance the learning confidence, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the students’ various topics using big data in the background. Predict learning performance.
  • CamClaim
    The corporate travel mobile reimbursement solution will incorporate innovative payment services into the mobile reimbursement process. Through the platform role, companies interact with service providers such as hotels, restaurants, and various modes of transportation. Picking up corporate travel data for consumers creates a new consumer platform for big data.