Angel Investment Repurchase Program
Provide angel investors with up to two years to buy back project shares at the highest original price of 70%

Plan details

In order to reduce the risk of investors investing in innovative and entrepreneurial projects and promote more investors to participate in innovative and entrepreneurial investment, the Angel Investment Foundation launched the "Angel Investment Repurchase Program" to provide investors with guarantees to repurchase the investment of investors with a maximum of 70% For all project shares, the ultimate guarantee that investors will lose no more than 30%.

It is planned to provide a stop-loss opportunity for any investors who are interested in investing in innovative and entrepreneurial projects, including existing shareholders, to leave the market. The investment projects are not limited to regions, industries and development stages.

Investors can look for high-quality investment projects on their own, or consider other investment projects that have been guaranteed to be repurchased, including the winning projects of the entrepreneurial competition hosted or undertaken by the Angel Investment Foundation every year.

Projects that are guaranteed to be repurchased must be supervised by the Angel Investment Foundation for quarterly capital injection, and their financial budget and phased capital injection arrangements must be approved by the Angel Investment Foundation.

The plan involves risk management costs, and the cost will be determined according to the overall financial plan of the project, including the amount of capital injection and the schedule of capital injection, phased income forecast and its realization possibility, whether investors are willing to join the binding repurchase clause and other factors to determine the risk Management costs, ranging from a low investment of 10% to a maximum of 30%.

The Angel Investment Foundation also has the right to subscribe for shares of the same value as investors within the repurchase guarantee period plus one year.

Petition form

1. Develop an overall financing plan through innovative strategic financing consulting services, or
2. Projects initiated or recommended by members of the angel investment group.


Maximum guaranteed repurchase amount

Maximum guarantee period (years)

Guaranteed repurchase amount up to (million)


Risk management fee as low as

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