Failed special loan
Provide a loan for the amount that has failed to apply for government funding but has been paid after submitting the application

Plan details

The BUD Special Fund and TVP Technology Vouchers have introduced a number of optimization measures in recent years, including allowing applicants to start the plan on the second day after submitting the application, including payment of related expenses. When the government finally approves the funding, the expenses already paid can also be obtained. Calculate funding.

However, when a company has already launched a plan but is not approved by the government in the end, the company will lose its budget and face financial pressure. Therefore, the Angel Investment Foundation has launched a special loan for failed funding to ease the financial pressure of the company.

Special loans are granted in one lump sum when the funding application fails. The loan needs to pledge the shares of the applying enterprise. The Angel Investment Foundation lends to the applying enterprise as a shareholder. After the enterprise repays, the shares will be returned to the enterprise.

The maximum loan amount is HK$1 million, or the amount paid by the company, whichever is lower, the annual interest rate is as low as 5%, and the maximum repayment is in 24 months.

Petition form

Enterprises applying for special loans must apply for relevant funding plans through the Angel Investment Foundation’s innovative strategy financing consulting service and obtain the Angel Investment Foundation’s approval of its implementation plan.


The maximum loan amount is the amount paid

Maximum repayment period (years)

Maximum loan amount (10,000)


Annual interest rate as low as

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