Zero interest subsidized bridge loan
Interest-free, no handling fees, no personal guarantees, the maximum loan is 1 million Hong Kong dollars, and the maximum repayment period of 2 years

Plan details

In recent years, the Hong Kong government has launched and optimized a number of funding schemes to assist companies in developing the mainland and overseas markets, using technology to enhance corporate competitiveness and operating efficiency, and assisting the impact of factors such as the new crown pneumonia and the Sino-US trade war.

Although the government-provided subsidies are attractive, most of the subsidies require enterprises to apply for subsidies after advances. This brings a lot of financial pressure to enterprises and makes them lose interest in applying for subsidies.

In view of this, the Angel Investment Foundation provides zero-interest unsecured bridge loans for companies with a maximum loan amount of HK$1 million, helping companies to ease the financial pressure that arises from applying for funding.

Interest and handling fee
No interest and handling fees.
Loan amount and repayment period
The maximum loan amount is 1 million, and the repayment period is a one-time repayment when the enterprise receives government funding, and the maximum length is 24 months.
Petition form
You must apply for the relevant funding plan through the innovative strategy financing advisory service of the Angel Investment Foundation and obtain the Angel Investment Foundation's approval of its implementation plan.
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