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” T.COMBINATOR “Became one of the first sponsors of the “Jiangsu-Hong Kong Youth Makers Space Alliance”

The 7th Jiangsu-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Elite Forum was held in Nanjing on September 27th. More than 200 young elites from the three regions discussed the theme of “Young People in Creating a Win-Win Cooperation”.

The youth associations of Hong Kong,Macao, and Hong Kong initiated the establishment of the “Jiangsu- Hong Kong -Macau Youth Makers Space Alliance” at the forum. The first batch of coalition members was 28, mainly from the young people’s creative space, parks, and incubators that were frequently contacted and supervised by youth organizations from the three countries of Hong Kong, Macao, and Hong Kong. The establishment of the alliance will fully integrate the space resources of hundreds of youths in the three cities of Hong Kong and Macau to build a youth exchange and cooperation platform to better serve young people in the three regions.

Guo Wenqi, Member of the Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Organization Department, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony

Jiangsu has very close ties with Hong Kong and Macau. The three places are geographically close, popular, and merging. According to statistics, there are nearly 40,000 investment projects in Jiangsu and Hong Kong and Macao, and the actual use of funds is nearly 180 billion US dollars. Jiangsu also opened up a vast market for the economy of Hong Kong and Macao with its huge potential market and its unique advantages in the forefront of reform and opening up. While taking the initiative to undertake industrial transfer in Hong Kong and Macao, Jiangsu Province encourages advantageous enterprises in the province to invest in Hong Kong and Macao.

Guo Wenqi said that in recent years, the exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and Macao have entered a new phase, and the three places have perfected normalized mechanisms such as exchanges of high-level visits, exchanges of large-scale economic and trade groups, exchanges of non-governmental organizations, and inter-university cooperation, forming complementary advantages, deep integration, and mutual benefit. Win-win situation of all-round cooperation.

Mr. Wang Wei, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League made a speech

In the seven years of time, the changes in the forums and the young people of the three countries in Hong Kong and Macao have become closer to each other. He shared three feelings with everyone: the road of melting for seven years puts the hearts of our young people in the three places closer together; the road of cooperation in the past seven years makes our young people in the three places hold their hands tighter; The road allows us to fly higher in the dreams of young people in the three places. He hopes that the young friends of the three places, no matter how the world changes, can always stick to the center of the Rubik’s cube and never forget the beginning of the heart and continue to move forward. No matter what difficulties they face, they can work together like a square on the Rubik’s Cube. , Hand in hand, in the cooperation and win-win, to achieve their own value, fly youth dream!

Vice Chairman of the All-China Youth Federation, President of the Macau Youth Federation, and Mr. Mo Zhiwei, Director of the Youth Committee of the Chinese General Chamber of Commerce in Macau delivered a speech

The Macau Youth Federation has always been committed to becoming a bridge between young people in Macao and the Mainland. It cooperates with the government and uses its friendly relations with the Mainland’s Brother Youth League to promote exchanges between young people from the two places. Both Hong Kong and Macau are located in the most dynamic and economically developed areas in China, and there is huge room for cooperation in many areas. He hoped that through this forum, not only will everyone gain something from the discussion, but more importantly, it will make the connections between youths from Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Macau more close and deeper.

Mr. Guo Yongliang, Chairman of Hong Kong Youth Federation, delivered a speech

Guo Yongliang said that he hopes that his young friends in Hong Kong, Macau, and Hong Kong can actively equip themselves on the basis of their existing advantages, seize the opportunities of the times, carry forward the future, grasp the development of the country, broaden their international perspectives, and give full play to the development of the country and the three regions. Unique advantages to meet future challenges.

The first “Jangsu-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” started

For the passionate young people to innovate and entrepreneurial enthusiasm in the three places, attracting various innovative elements to provide services and support for the youth’s innovation and entrepreneurship needs in Hong Kong and Macau. During the forum, the first “Jangsu-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” will be held in Changzhou. The first “Jangsu-Hong Kong-Macao Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” will be based on the theme of “Integrate Your Own and Unlimited Creativity” and will invite leading talents and projects of innovation and entrepreneurship in the three cities of Jangsu-Hong Kong-Macao. The participating projects focused on the four categories of finance, Internet, cultural and creative industries, and business workers. They attracted more than 50 projects including the artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, nano-touch, and mobile payment of the three cities of Jangsu-Hong Kong-Macao.

Before the opening ceremony, Guo Wenqi met with representatives from Hong Kong and Macau attending the 7th Jiangsu-Hong Kong-Macau Young Elite Forum.

Minister Guo Wenqi signs on behalf of the Rubik’s Cube of 28 members of the Jiangsu-Hong Kong-Macau Youth Space

Minister Guo Wenqi listens to the holding of previous forums and introduces the youth exchanges between Jiangsu ,Hong Kong, and Macau

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