STARTHUB3.0 Venture Capital Roadshow Competition Launch Ceremony

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3月28日 Competition launch ceremony

The STARTHUB 3.0 Venture Capital Roadshow Competition co-sponsored by STARTHUB and Angel Investment Foundation was held at The Hub in Wan Chai. Over 100 active celebrities in the start-up investment community participated in the event. This year’s contest was supported by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, the Science Park and the Qianhai Administration Bureau, the Smart City Alliance, and the Internet Professional Association.

Mr. Lo Man Sang, Manager, Manufacturing Development Department, HKTDC,
Mr. Ma Kwan Jin, Trade Promotion Director, HKTDC,
Mr. Hung Man Zing, Chairman of Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association (HKNETEA),
Mr. Fung Dak Cung, Honorary President of the IFOCAT,
Mr. Zau Gin Wang Chairman of Technology Incubation Network (TIN) in Hong Kong Science Park,
Mr. Lam Wing Hoeng, Chairman of Invotech,
Mr. wong Zi Leon, Administrative Director of CityU Apps Lab.
Mr. Gwok Gaa Ming, Founding President of Nanyang Entrepreneur Foundation,
Miss Zeng Man Ting, Senior Executive Officer of the Hong Kong Arbitration Society,
Mr. Wong Zi Man, Director of Hong Kong General Chamber of Young Entrepreneurs,
Dr. Sek Gwok Koeng,Founder of the Southern District Chamber of Commerce,
Mr. Yu Coeng Fai, Investment partner of Y Venture Capital,
Mr. Yu Ga Wai,Investment partner of Y Venture Capital,
Miss Chan Fuk Yu, founder of YUS International Group,
Mr. Ho Jam Hang, Chairman of YUS International Group,
Ms. Ip Lin,Former KMB Chief Technology Officer,
Mr. Chan Jau Leon, Founder and Chairman of KAB,
Mr. Siu Jeon Loeng, non-executive director of YUS International Group,
Mr. Siu Ga Sing, Director of Hung Fat Group,
Dr. Coi Wai Hin, Senior Vice President of Haitong International Securities Group,
Mr. Ze Jik Hin,4Cats co-founder

(In no particular order, If you have any omissions, please forgive us)

Angel Investment Foundation
Founder and Chairman Mr. Ivan Shum

The current pain points for founders and investors, including: lack of funds for start-up projects, founders hope to find investors in the industry to assist in development; investors have no time to participate in management, worry about improper use of project funds, the risk of early project failure is extremely high.

Angel Investment Foundation also has its own difficulties. For example, without a large and extensive industry research team, it is difficult to get involved in a wide range of industries and miss investment opportunities.

Therefore, in order to solve the above problems, Angel Investment Foundation will use the huge expert judges in the STARTHUB 3.0 Venture Capital Roadshow Competition to select the projects with the highest investment value.

In order to introduce investors in the professional field, use their rich experience and resources to assist the project ,they will not directly invest in the project.

On the contrary, in order to attract investors in professional fields and allow Angel Investment Foundation to participate in the investment together, the Foundation is willing to bear 70% of the investment risk of the leaders.。

Why does the foundation have the confidence to follow the investment and even take the risk of the lead investor?Ivan Shum said that because the foundation is not only investing, but also involved in planning and management, the foundation invests in a project for at least 30 months.The Foundation worked with projects and leaders to develop a business development plan for up to 30 months, and participate in financial management, sharing the supervision of the lead investor.

In order to bear the investment risk of the lead investor, the foundation first injects funds into the project. The lead investor does not need to actually fund the project. During the investment process, the lead investor observes the development of the project and believes that the project is developing smoothly and then repurchases the project shares.

In other words, the project risk is first borne by the foundation. The failure of the project is equivalent to the fact that the project is funded by the foundation, the project is successful, and the lead investor will jointly invest with the foundation.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Emil Chan

In the past, holding competitions and even serving as judges for many competitions saw many start-ups in need of assistance. However, due to limited resources, it was difficult to participate in the assistance one by one.
At the end of 2016, it was invested by Angel Investment Foundation to develop STARTHUB.Through the Angel Investment Foundation’s project incubation experience and resources, combined with STARTHUB’s powerful team of expert instructors to further assist more start-ups to succeed.

Angel Investment Foundation currently has 60 joint incubation bases around the world. In the future, it will also manage and plan stronger entrepreneurial exchange activities, training and competition through STARTHUB.
Emil said that in the past, the jury of the entrepreneurial competition mainly took on the role of excavating project issues and criticizing amendments. Now it has introduced the angel investment foundation and even guaranteed 70% of the risk of the lead investor. After successfully investing in matching projects, expert judges are more involved in assisting start-up projects.

Y Venture Capital
Investment Partner Mr. Calvin Yu

I am very glad to have the opportunity to sponsor such a large-scale entrepreneurial competition.
Y Venture Capital is a US-listed company YUSG’s newly established venture capital fund in Hong Kong. It mainly invests in start-up projects that have passed the Angel period, and many investment partners today also supported the event.

Earlier, Y Venture Capital also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Angels Investment Foundation to give priority to projects that are invested by Angel Investment Foundation and have listing conditions, and hope to assist those projects in the final listing and introduce more international funds.

Finally, we hope that this venture will be held successfully. The Angel Investment Foundation can discover more investment projects with great potential for development.

STARTHUB Signs Strategic Cooperation with Angel Investment Foundation

STARTHUB has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Angel Investment Foundation to help develop more joint incubation bases in the future. It will also develop more entrepreneurial training, exchange and competition activities for the 24 global joint incubation bases in the world. Angel Fund will also launch more Investment proceeds to future events organized or planned by STARTHUB.

Angel Investment Foundation HK$20 million Cheque Presentation Ceremony /STARTHUB 3.0 officially launched

The Angels Investment Foundation presents a cheque for HK$20 million to the top ten projects with the highest investment value on May 19th. It is supervised by STARTHUB. After the presentation ceremony, the STARTHUB 3.0 Venture Capital Roadshow Competition was officially launched

“New Chief Executive Comes Out, Innovates and Develops New Opportunities?” Forum

The organizer also invited a number of celebrities in the start-up investment community to participate in the forum entitled “The new chief executive is out and innovate and develop a new turn?” to share opinions on the future government’s investment policy.





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