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Wtoip.com Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Angels Investment Foundation

The largest public space in Asia with intellectual property as its theme is located in Guangzhou IPV Intellectual Venture Valley and its sponsoring organization. Wtoip.com signed a series of strategic cooperation agreements with Angel Investment Foundation in September 2017, including angel investment. The Foundation invested 20 million in the venture capital contest winners.

Ms. Chen Xiaodan, co-founder of wtoip.com, and Mr.Shum Wai Chuen, founder and chairman of the Hong Kong Angels Investment Foundation, signed the agreement

The launching ceremony of the 3rd Huitian Cup South Guangdong Intellectual Property Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition initiated by the Guangdong Intellectual Property Bureau and hosted by wtoip.com and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Grand Bay Venture Capital Conference were held.
At the launching ceremony, wtoip.com and the Hong Kong Angels Investment Foundation reached a strategic agreement. The two sides will cooperate in the connection of innovation and venture capital and project guidance to jointly promote the successful transformation of advanced technological achievements and promote the development of the real economy and industrial transformation and upgrading. Adding impetus to the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macao Bay Area.

The 3rd Wtoip Cup Nanyue Intellectual Property Rights Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest was based on the theme of “Intelligent Property Rights Make Innovation, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship a Reality”. It aims to guide innovation through intellectual property rights, and more accurate docking of upstream and downstream industries to build innovative and entrepreneurial service platforms. The competition will be a stage of influential, independent innovation and entrepreneurial success across the country. It will promote the in-depth integration of intellectual property rights with industry, market, and finance, and lead the subdivision of talent, technology, and capital into specialized areas.

In addition to the Hong Kong Angels Investment Foundation, the 3rd Wtoip Cup Intellectual Property Rights Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest was also awarded IDG, Guangdong Investment, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Guangzhou Fund, Yueke Finance, Songyu Capital, SaiBaiLuo Investment and Dachen Venture Capital. , Jinshajiang United Capital, Tongchuang Wai Yip, Kai Fu Capital, Dawn Genes, Provincial Wentou Investment, China Merchants Investment, Yuan Yu Origin, Lingnan Venture Capital, Grassroots Angels, and more than 100 top investment institutions, such as the full support. At the same time, Wtoip also hired Chen Huijun, Chairman of Guangzhou Rongrong Fund, Cui Yi, Chairman of South China University of Technology Technology Park, Yang Lingyun, founder of Lingnan Venture Capital, Zhou Qi, Managing Director of Jinshajiang United Capital, and Chairman of Horn Funds. Shi Qian and other big coffees are investment instructors for the competition and provide professional coaching for the participating teams.

As a resource-sharing enterprise service platform with intellectual property rights as the core, Wtoip.com adhering to the mission of “make the world’s creative ideas a reality”, through the full range of intellectual property rights and landing services, it has opened up many dreams for innovative entrepreneurs. The economic growth added a huge engine and became an important force in the construction of the Guangdong- Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area.

In the future, Wtoip.com will continue to work hand-in-hand with the Hong Kong Angels Investment Foundation to jointly promote the launch of outstanding innovation and entrepreneurship projects, which will add a touch of color to the construction of Guangdong- Hong Kong – Macau Bay Area.

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