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Angel investors have always been considered difficult to clearly explain their investment orientation and quantitative investment decisions. In view of this, the angel investment foundation sorts out the investors’ specific investment needs and investment goals, designs various angel investment cooperation plans, and discloses the entire investment cooperation process. Evaluate the difficulties and make it easier for start-ups and SMEs that meet different conditions and development needs to participate in matching investments.

Entrepreneurship planning | investment relationship management

In the past four years, it has successfully hosted a number of large-scale entrepreneurial competitions, creating 1,000 start-up project roadshows and investor matching opportunities. How investors can effectively find suitable projects in the event and how entrepreneurs can make investors recognize the bright spots in a short time is very important.

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Help you expand the Chinese market

Domestic expansion angel investment plan

The angel investment fund matches government funding to jointly develop the mainland market with Hong Kong companies. Each company can invest up to 4.8 million Hong Kong dollars for matching two funding programs from the Hong Kong government, including the BUD Special Fund and the EMF SME Marketing Fund.

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If you have an urgent debt problem

Angel Investment White Samurai Project

In the past year, Hong Kong has encountered unprecedented difficulties, and various industries have been hit to varying degrees. The foundation hopes to assist companies experiencing financial difficulties in debt restructuring, financial planning, application for funding, and matching angel investment, with a maximum equal investment of 15 million Hong Kong dollar.

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Introduce angel investment to assist the company in reforming its operations

Remote operation incubation plan

The remote operation incubation plan provides tailor-made human resources evaluation plans, remote technology solutions and household work management procedures for incubating companies, and uses new remote technology and innovative personnel management strategies to reduce employers’ human resources costs.

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Introduce angel investment to promote innovation and technology ecology
Joint Incubation Base Cooperation Plan
Angel investment funds are up to 100 co-working spaces and business centers in Hong Kong, each with an investment of up to 400,000 Hong Kong dollars, to build a joint incubation base, combined with government funding plans, upgrade technology and office facilities, and support more innovative entrepreneurs.
November 6, 2019 | Hong Kong Cyberport

2019 IPIEC Global "Maker China" International SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Hong Kong Final

The competition is sponsored by the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the Office of the Chief Information Officer of the Special Administrative Region Government and the Ministry of Education and Technology of the Liaison Office of the Central Government. It is hosted by, Hong Kong Cyberport and the Angel Investment Foundation. It is supported by 40 business organizations.