After the Angel Investment Foundation successfully hosted the first corporate capital matchmaking contest in May and discovered 8 startups that successfully docked with corporate capital, the first SME x Startup Matchmaking Exchange Day was successfully held.

The event is organized by the Angel Investment Foundation, co-organized by the Hong Kong Science Park and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce of Small and Medium Enterprises, Hong Kong Young Entrepreneurs Association, Shenzhen Big Data Application and Research Association, Startup Exchange, Innovation and Technology Exchange, Ingdan, Hong Kong Internet Chamber of Commerce, Supported by Network Chamber of Commerce,, etc.

The event was sponsored by the venue provided by the Hong Kong Science Park and was held at [email protected] Gallery at Queensway Gallery. The event was packed. Nearly 30% was the president of the Chamber of Commerce, and 35% start-ups and 35% SMEs participated.

It is a great honor to invite Mr. Li Zixuan, the co-director of the Hong Kong Science Park Investment Department, and Mr. Xie Yuanming, the vice chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce of Small and Medium Enterprises, to attend the officiating ceremony.

The event invited Kenny Chueng, the co-founder of Mengshan Technology, to share how to attract listed companies to participate in investment, and also invited Sunny Wong, the head of CHSQ of the customer service headquarters, to accurately design a financing cooperation plan that cooperates with investors.

The founder and chairman of the Angel Investment Foundation hosted the forum and announced that its market development support fund will increase its funding to 1 million Hong Kong dollars simultaneously with the BUD program on August 1, hoping to jointly assist SMEs in developing the domestic and ASEAN markets.