The "Flying Dragon Tengda Middle School Student Entrepreneurship Competition" is organized by the Tenglong Youth Chamber of Commerce and the Education Bureau Business School Cooperation Program. The competition attracted more than 20 teams of high school students from all districts in Hong Kong to participate. The event not only hopes that students derive business concepts, but also organizes a number of special workshops, as well as through street volunteer services, so that students can understand social issues and find social needs, which is extremely meaningful.

The Angel Investment Foundation has been invited to serve as the judging panel for the final day for the second consecutive year. The jury also includes Mr. Peng Yaojia, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Jardine Matheson, Ms. Ye Zhenzhen, Chief Executive Officer of Urban Spring, Mr. Chen Gangxiong, Co-founder of E-Banner, and Smart Market Mr. Lu Yukun, Director and Chief Operating Officer of Planning Consultants Co., Ltd.

Participating students specially visited different places to prepare for the planning and writing of business plans. Among them, students from the Hong Kong Youth Service Jockey Club Tianping Integrated Youth Service Center won the championship with a multi-functional water bottle. The uniqueness of the multifunctional water bottle is convenient for users, and it can also promote environmentally friendly drinking habits to urbanites, which has been recognized by the review!

The second runner-up was won by students from the Fengcai Middle School team. They used a new mobile app solution to solve the problem of venues and improved cooking skills for "novices in cooking"; as for the second runner-up, Liang Shizhi College, the concept of renting clothes, shoes, socks, and accessories is the concept , To promote environmental protection.