The Alibaba War of the Gods Global Maker Contest started in 2015. It is a series of events for the global maker community of Alibaba Group. It unites many countries and regions around the world, well-known media from around the world, well-known venture capital institutions, dozens of The world’s top partners have jointly created an "Internet"-based elite team entrepreneurship competition.

In 2018, the "Belt and Road" Alibaba Battle of the Gods will unite 40 competition regions around the world, using "one game, one meeting, one college" as the carrier, to create a new concept of "one question, one game, one ecology", and use a more mature attitude to help Makers present themselves on a world-class stage.

The Shenzhen City Tournament and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Regional Tournament will be co-hosted by Alibaba and InnoSpace. As one of the partners, the Angel Investment Foundation will allocate 20 million Hong Kong dollars to provide new investors in the award-winning projects with a repurchase guarantee of up to 70% at the original price. Fight for the common entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the world.

"Alibaba War of the Gods Global Maker Competition" was born in the top six in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Won the award-winning project "MADGaze" of the first Hong Kong Enterprise Capital Matchmaking Contest hosted by the Hong Kong Angel Investment Foundation in May this year. It also represented Hong Kong and entered the global finals as the first place. In addition, it won the first "Australia China Zhiyuan" Innovation in May this year. Entrepreneurship competition and the "Nano Silver Flexible Touch" project that represented Macau's participation was pushed into the global finals in third place.

The roadshow projects selected in the final 11 include:

Gome Technology

JiMu Technology is the top 3D display marketing service provider in China. It is committed to improving the efficiency of omni-channel information transmission and the value of traffic through the use of Web3D, WebAR and other technologies. The company has the most advanced Web3D display technology in China, which can serve all-scene commodity 3D display needs, including online PCs, mobile terminals, WeChat, H5, offline exhibitions, stores, etc.

HoneyComb honeycomb building blocks

HoneyComb is a set of magnetic electronic blocks (Electronic blocks), which can complete the circuit construction like Lego splicing blocks without real code writing. All functions are built into blocks and all technical difficulties are hidden. No need to program, break away from the screen, and return to building learning of physical logic. Let people focus more on creativity instead of learning about electronic principles. We firmly believe that everyone is a creator, you just lack the right set of tools.

Neighboring to raise a car

Neighboring to increase the car, integrate with the existing auto service shops in the market, provide them with Internet tools, install smart key cabinets in the parking lots around the auto service stores, expand the business scope and business hours of the auto service stores; use offline entities and key cabinets as car owners Provide car service without door-to-door.

Pear Fog shared fog calculation

Pear focuses on future-oriented fog computing technology, enabling billions of smart devices to easily share idle computing, storage, bandwidth and other resources. Following the philosophy of XaaS (X-as-a-service), combined with the paradigm of crowdsourcing, and condensing with the sharing economy, Pear allows a subset of fog technology to land. Pear Fog is not only a resource pool spanning the network center to the edge, but also a new type of P2P system that provides PaaS platforms and SaaS services. Among them, Fog CDN helps companies reduce content distribution costs and improve quality in a transparent and Web-friendly way, while helping end users to gain revenue through sharing.

Xiong Xiaomi-AI Marketing Robot

Guxiong Technology is an innovation funded enterprise by the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission, an industry-leading developer of artificial intelligence speech and trademark recognition. It is committed to leading the breakthrough of artificial intelligence core "deep learning" technology and building artificial intelligence on artificial intelligence speech and trademark recognition technology. And big data analysis industry solutions, so that every enterprise has its own AI. The next product Xiong Xiaomi's WeChat AI marketing robot has been widely used in domestic commercial applications. Real estate partners include TusHoldings Group, shopping mall partners include Sea World, Coastal City, etc., and self-media partners include Shenzhen Chaolife, Shenzhen Consumer Map, etc. E-commerce partners have praises and so on.

Yimiyun Station

Shenzhen Yimiyunzhan Technology Co., Ltd. is a modern catering management enterprise focusing on food industry technology. The company's core team has nearly two decades of industry accumulation in catering supply chain management, and is committed to the development and realization of top-notch food modernization. As the pioneer of personalized dining on campus, Yimi Cloud Station takes the needs of students as its core, deeply integrates mobile Internet, Internet of Things, big data, and cloud computing technology, relying on a multi-point distribution model, and a gourmet intelligent dining cabinet closest to consumers and openness. Food R&D platform to create a smart campus catering that is socially secure, parents can rest assured, and children are happy, and let love accompany growth.

Smart testing station

The "Smart Inspection Station" takes motor vehicle owners and vehicle rear platforms as the main target users, and is committed to building the country's largest Internet + vehicle inspection service platform. It has established a high-coverage and standardized annual inspection service network by connecting various regional inspection stations. Through the combination of online and offline, the traffic management business handling mode and efficiency have been pushed forward "a big step", providing car owners with a convenient and lightweight annual inspection experience. At the same time, the inspection station has extended its business to create an integrated inspection site, based on the operation of the inspection station, and the annual inspection as the flow entrance, extending to the second-hand car identification evaluation and transaction chain.

YouSayIDo Cloud Platform

The YouSayIDo cloud platform carries IM chat robots, TM phone robots, and RM physical robots to achieve task-driven skills, business domain flow-style multi-round dialogue and an intelligent recommendation system. Data products are composed of intent analysis, label portrait, work order process, knowledge graph, etc., which are composed of question-and-answer-driven, business work-order-driven, data-driven, algorithm-driven and idea-driven to realize the business. YouSayIDo is an AI company that loads corporate data into robots to automate the sales process. In industries such as real estate, finance, and communications, AI algorithms are used to connect business scenarios and data to achieve subversive increase in revenue and reduce expenditure.

Mamabao Technology

Mamabao Technology (English name: MamaHelpers Technologies, hereinafter referred to as "Mamabao") was established in 2017 and is headquartered in Hong Kong, China. It has offices in Mainland China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. It is the world's largest foreign domestic helper The online and B2B employment platform now has 220,000+ users, and the Facebook community covers 500,000+ foreign domestic helpers. We are committed to innovating the existing methods of hiring foreign domestic helpers, increasing industry transparency, and improving the relationship between employers, foreign domestic helpers and employment agencies.


Enterprise-level IT e-commerce, provides enterprises and institutions with professional and standardized IT products, services and solutions, relying on optimized supply chain systems to provide agile and efficient professional services, and increase great value for the growth of enterprises Empowerment.

Torspeesen differential

Aici Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological research and development enterprise established in August 2015, focusing on R&D and experimentation in the fields of machinery, transmission, automation, etc. In 2017, it made breakthroughs in the core technology of automotive four-wheel drive and successfully researched and developed Developed a torque-speed dual-sensitivity limited-slip differential, and obtained a number of patents for Torspeesen differentials.