In the past, the Angel Investment Foundation has been promoting the innovation of local enterprises and actively investing in start-ups. In order to provide more comprehensive innovation support to enterprises and more effectively connect start-up cooperation, the Angel Investment Foundation has cooperated with the local real estate developer Wansheng Development to establish a nearly 3,000-square-foot project. The Enterprise Innovation Development Center provides various corporate financing consultations, applies for government funding from China and Hong Kong, assists in the introduction of angel investors, conducts various entrepreneurship and financing trainings, and organizes different innovative and entrepreneurial theme activities.

In order to cooperate with the government's support for the development of enterprises and start-ups, the Angel Investment Foundation has launched a HK$100 million "Enterprise Innovation and Development Fund" to encourage enterprises to use government funding to cooperate with start-ups and actively participate in innovation and venture capital. The fund will participate in the self-employment of enterprises applying for government funding. Part of the capital investment, providing loan interest subsidies for matching subsidies, assisting in cases of failure to apply for government funding, and providing investment risk compensation for enterprises’ innovative investments.