The "Hong Kong 200" Leadership Program was sponsored by HSBC and became one of the key courses of the "HSBC Future Skills Development Project". It provides a more comprehensive, professional and forward-looking leadership training experience for middle school students with outstanding potential to meet future challenges and Assist them in the task of promoting social development. It is planned to introduce the "Leadership Pilot Course" to consolidate the student leadership foundation. The core training content covers various social issues, focusing on the connection between the individual and society, the present and the future.

"Hong Kong 200" course features:

Tradition and Future: Cultivate students' general leadership skills and innovative thinking
Diversified training: integrate social experience, social practice, overseas exchanges and internship experience
Flexible training: through compulsory and optional training activities to flexibly enhance the leadership ability of students
Strong network: gather 2,600 young leaders and recruit student leaders from all 85% schools in Hong Kong
Create value: cultivate young leaders' aspirations to be "willing to serve Hong Kong"
Professional guidance: contact social leaders as trainee mentors

Mr. Shen Weiquan, Chairman of the Angel Investment Foundation, was invited to be the reviewer of the event completion project.
Mr. Shen Weiquan, Chairman of Angel Investment Foundation, presented trophies and bonuses.
Mr. Shen Weiquan, Chairman of the Angel Investment Foundation, shared his opinions on the students' projects.