How to seek our investment

Angel investors have always been considered difficult to clearly explain their investment orientation and quantitative investment decisions. In view of this, the angel investment foundation sorts out the investors’ specific investment needs and investment goals, designs various angel investment cooperation plans, and discloses the entire investment cooperation process. Evaluate the difficulties and make it easier for start-ups and SMEs that meet different conditions and development needs to participate in matching investments.

If you

Interested in expanding the domestic market

Hope to seek angel investment to expand the domestic market

Intentional to remote the company

Hope to seek angel investment to reform the company


If your project does not meet the above conditions

However, we still hope to seek our direct investment or recommend it to other suitable investors through the foundation. We can use our innovative strategy financing advisory service to help us, and introduce angel investment to the project in four stages.
Innovative strategy financing consulting service

Innovative strategy financing advisory service is a corporate financial advisory service that specializes in raising funds for innovative and entrepreneurial projects. It can also be understood as an outsourced corporate chief financial officer (Outsource CFO) to assist the project in obtaining development funds in four stages.

Four-step introduction

Development funds

Four-step introduction

Development funds


1) Research and formulate financing strategies

Research the expenditure and cost structure of the project, the current debt situation, and future development plans, formulate a deployment strategy to cooperate with the Chinese and Hong Kong governments for free funding and entrepreneurial loans, restructure debt, and sort out the most attractive financing plan.

After the research, the following three financial recommendations will be provided
1. The feasibility of debt restructuring and deployment suggestions;
2. The feasibility of funding application and deployment suggestions;
3. The feasibility of introducing investment and deployment suggestions.

Consultant fee: HK$6,800


2) Debt restructuring

Carry out debt restructuring and financial budget planning for the project, assist shareholders in upgrading credit ratings, optimize corporate financial operations, and enhance the ability to obtain more preferential loans from commercial banks, including converting current high-interest loans to low-interest loans and short-term loans to In the long run, measures such as trade financing and financing guarantee schemes for small and medium-sized enterprises will be used to enhance the financial health of enterprises.


3) Apply for funding

To apply for various government grants from both China and Hong Kong for the project, from writing application plans, collecting documents required by the company, obtaining quotations from different suppliers and non-colluding pricing commitments, communicating with the government on behalf of the project, responding to government inquiries, and granting funding Afterwards, he assisted in the implementation of the entire implementation plan to ensure compliance with government procurement requirements, and finally assisted in writing and completing reports and arranging accountants to conduct audits.

Zero interest bridge funding loan

Most government funding requires companies to make advances and then apply for subsidies. After successful grants, companies need to prepare a capital to pay first. Therefore, the Angel Investment Foundation provides zero-interest funding for all funding cases applied for through innovative strategy financing consultants. The bridge loan can solve the capital pressure of advance payment for the applicant enterprise. *

*The angel investment foundation will ultimately decide whether to approve the loan. The company that approves the case needs to pledge its shares to the angel investment foundation, which will be released after the company has paid off the loan.

Failed special loan

At present, some government funding allows the project to be carried out the day after the application is submitted. If the government finally approves the funding, the related expenses will also be recognized. On the contrary, the funding is rejected. The applicant enterprise needs to bear the relevant expenses by itself, which increases the uncertainty of the corporate financial budget. Therefore, The foundation provides a special support. When the government funding application is rejected, the company can apply to the foundation for a commercial loan equivalent to the part of the company's expenditure. The maximum repayment period is three years, and the interest is not more than 5% per year. *

*The angel investment foundation will ultimately decide whether to approve the loan. The company that approves the case needs to pledge its shares to the angel investment foundation, which will be released after the company has paid off the loan.


4) Introduce investment

Introduce investors to the project, according to the research results of the first stage, sort out the most attractive financing plans for investors with different investment orientations, and draft relevant investment project summaries, negotiate with investors on behalf of the project, and combine the angels The investment repurchase plan provides protection for new investors and increases the investment attractiveness of the project.

Angel Investment Repurchase Program

Investors understand that early-stage projects are relatively risky and there is no risk hedging or transfer tool that can help reduce risks. Therefore, early-stage projects have been difficult to attract investment. In view of this, the Angel Investment Foundation launched the "Angel Investment Repurchase Program" to provide financing The project provides a repurchase guarantee at a specific price to ensure that new investors in the project can sell their invested shares at a discount to lock in the risk of loss.