The Hong Kong division of the 2019 Maker China International SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has received nearly 100 entries for registration after nearly a month of registration, and finally selected the top 20 for a roadshow at the venue of the Hong Kong Angel Investment Foundation on October 18th. After the review, the founders and principals of each project introduced the projects in person. Finally, 8 innovation and technology experts selected the top 10 to enter the finals in Hong Kong.

Thanks to the following review assistance (listed in no particular order):
Professor Xia Jun, Department of Life Sciences, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Professor Xin Weixian, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Lee & Man Technology Co., Ltd.
Ms. Su Yali, Head of Entrepreneur Group, Hong Kong Cyberport
Dr. Lai Jingran, Founder of Novus Life Sciences
NanoFlowX CEO David Leung
Mr. Li Zhengang, Senior Manager of Hong Kong
Particle X CXO Mr. Cai Mingdu