IPIEC Global 2019
"Maker China" International SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Hong Kong Final
The Hong Kong regional final will be held at Cyberport on November 6. The two Hong Kong innovation and technology projects, namely the champion "LiTone LBS Laser Slice Scanning Microscopy System" and the runner-up "Infanity3D" will represent Hong Kong and other countries in the competition field. The line project has toured in multiple regions in China, docked with different companies and industrial parks, and participated in the global semi-finals held in China in December to compete for the global championship.

In 2019, the scale of the IPIEC Global Hong Kong competition area has been greatly increased. It is co-sponsored by the Chinese and Hong Kong government organizations, namely, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Development Promotion Center, and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government's Office of the Government Chief Information Officer And the Education and Technology Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and jointly undertaken by Huiju.com, Hong Kong Cyberport and Angel Investment Foundation, supported by 40 business organizations.

Speeches by the organizer and undertaking organization

Speech by Mr. Zhou Jian, Deputy Director of the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Gao Yuyue, Deputy Secretary-General of Guangzhou Municipal People's Government, delivered a speech
Speech by Mr. Lin Weiqiao, Chief Information Officer of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Ministry of Education and Technology, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Speech by Mr. Liu Zhiming, Second Inspector
Speech by Mr. Ren Jingxin, Chief Executive Officer of Hong Kong Cyberport

Matchmaking of the world's top 30 projects in China touring

Ms. Yin Qi, co-founder of Huiju Group
"Maker China" International SME Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum-Investment and Innovation Promote Enterprise Inheritance
Before the top 10 roadshow, a forum with the theme of investment and innovation to promote corporate inheritance was also arranged. The forum was hosted by Ms. Su Yali, the head of the Cyberport Entrepreneur Group. The four forum guests shared how companies are doing in this time of innovation and mass entrepreneurship. Grasp the opportunity to cooperate with start-ups, how can start-ups seize opportunities to accelerate commercialization through enterprises, and how can investors seize opportunities to capture investment opportunities.
Hong Kong Cyberport
Ms. Su Yali, Head of Entrepreneur Group
Forum host
Conway Asia Pacific Investment Co., Ltd.
Director Ms. Jiang Liling
Hong Kong Inno Angel Fund
Partner Dr. Tan Weihao
Huiju Group
Co-founder Ms. Yin Qi
Chairman of Angel Investment Foundation
Mr. Shen Weiquan

Guan Ya season is born

After a fiercely competitive roadshow, the championship season was born

Champion project

LiTone LBS Laser Slice Scanning Microscopy System
Guangyuan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.

Presenters:Mr. Zhou Jian (right), deputy director of the SME Development Promotion Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology
Award representative: Dr. Zhao Teng, CEO of Guangyuan Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. (left)

Project Description:
The company focuses on the development and manufacture of high-end microscopic imaging equipment, and always strives to become the world's leading scientific research equipment R&D and production enterprise. Relying on the patented ultra-thin Bessel light sheet technology, the company has developed a LiTone LBS laser slice scanning microscope system that can be used for five-dimensional (3-dimensional space + 1 dimensional time + 1 dimensional color) observation of living cells. As the company's core product, this system is sold to research universities, scientific research institutions, hospitals, and drug research and development companies. It has important application prospects in the fields of basic biological science research, pathology research, drug development, chemistry and materials engineering.

Runner-up project

3D suspended image system
Junting Digital Technology Co., Ltd.
Presenters: Mr. Lin Weiqiao, Chief Information Technology Officer of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (right)
Award representative:Mr. Wei Jiajun, Director of Junting Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (left)
Project Description:
Infanity3D™ (Chinese name: Tianying 3D) is a newly patented 3D floating imaging system, which applies the persistence of human vision (POV) technology, through the ultra-high-density LED light strip rotation technology, allowing consumers to see 3D images with the naked eye. Infanity3D™ adopts an exclusive programming system with a slim and fashionable appearance, which can present clearer and more vivid 3D images. Since its launch in 2018, it has been widely favored by many high-end brands, spread across 15 countries, and has been used in offline physical stores, press conferences, offline events, exhibitions, etc.

Third place project

Comprehensive, high-throughput, high-precision, low-cost overall solution for tumor liquid biopsy
Jingzhun Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Presenters: Mr. Liu Zhiming, Second Inspector of Education and Science Department, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong (right)
Award representative: Ms. Huang Yuan, Chief Operating Officer of Jingzhun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (left)

Project Description:
The company focuses on the development and commercialization of liquid biopsy products and services for early cancer screening and disease management. With proprietary microfluidics and nucleic acid detection technologies, we provide comprehensive liquid biopsy solutions for precision oncology. Our innovative products for circulating tumor cell enrichment and genetic analysis are manufactured by an ISO13485 certification body and approved for clinical application in the Chinese market. Cellomics aspires to be a global leader in liquid biopsy and precision medicine, and cooperates with international partners to assist doctors and patients in the fight against cancer.

The world's first medication tracking system shared a pill box and was selected into the 2018 National Entrepreneurship Support Plan. There is no standard for packaging medicine boxes and medicine bottles in the country. The market price of the newly developed matrix automatic medicine dispenser is about a thousand times cheaper than imported products. The dispensing machine is equipped with the latest drug image recognition technology to make the dispensing more accurate and avoid the accident of dispensing the wrong medicine. The patient does not need to wait for the medicine to be taken. With the invention patent, the unique door lock design and the ultra-low cost Internet of Things combined medicine box, Avoid mistakes when taking medication. Patients go home and use the mobile phone reminder and record function to ensure that they take medication on time, which is more conducive for doctors to accurately prescribe the right medicine to achieve the goal of preventing and controlling the spread of disease and achieving the goal of universal health.
HyperBanker is a smart financial platform based on automated machine learning. With the concept of "artificial intelligence + financial" cross-domain knowledge integration, it automates machine learning processes such as data feature engineering, model selection, and model optimization, with drag-and-drop graphical operations. Interface to create a machine learning platform without barriers. Bank's business staff can efficiently perform data analysis, modeling and result evaluation without a background in machine learning, and help banks apply the most cutting-edge AI technologies and solutions. In addition, the platform technology can be widely used in retail, medical, energy, education and other industries in the future to support secondary development to meet the specific needs of customers.
Hair follicle stem cells often lead to premature aging and necrosis due to life stress and dietary imbalance, leading to the loss of extracellular collagen and hair loss. However, the current anti-hair loss products have not failed to address the root cause of this problem. Fusheng Gene Technology Co., Ltd. uses the new "super enhancer" technology to find substances that effectively control the collagen outside the hair follicle stem cells at the genetic level, thereby greatly improving the hair loss caused by the early aging and necrosis of hair follicle stem cells. Fusheng Gene Technology has applied for a patent for this technology at home and abroad.
Founded in 2017, VAR LIVE is the first company in Asia to provide one-stop virtual reality software and hardware creation services from creation, R&D, manufacturing to configuration. At present, we have successfully developed 7 hardware and system patents, and 16 VR games covering customers of different ages. In addition to the store business, Via Technology also has a franchise store program to provide investors or franchisees with a diversified and profitable business model. All our products are professionally designed to reduce the dizziness caused by traditional VR in the market and become a leader in the field of virtual reality development. In 2019, VAR LIVE was selected as an incubator for the Cyberport Incubation Program and won the Silver Award for IT Startups (Software and Application Services Category) at the 2019 Hong Kong Information and Communication Technology Awards.
The patented PACO nanotechnology used by Airluna extends the life of the filter element to as long as 10 years. At the same time, users can use mobile phones to remotely control, supplemented by cloud computing and big data to improve air purification efficiency. The appearance of Airluna can not only be customized to suit different commercial spaces, but also enhance its commercial value for customers with innovative art and technology. As a horizontally scalable business solution, we also provide an air purification sharing platform "Aqigo" to build a high-quality air community and develop air purification products for different brands. In the future, Airluna will cooperate with multiple brands to launch products to set off different spaces and provide commercial and household customers with the dual enjoyment of health and beauty.
Komashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company based on the University of Hong Kong. The company is supported by the laboratory of Professor Guochang Zou. Several laboratories headed by Professor Zou’s laboratory have shown that because secretin plays an extremely important role in the balance of water and salt, secretin knockout animals will produce hypertension and other diseases caused by the imbalance of water and salt. Related diseases. Komashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. adopts innovative methods, using the latest technologies such as high-throughput in vitro and computer analog screening, and we have identified five therapeutic molecules that can target secretin receptors. These molecules can be used as antihypertensive compounds. By comparison, we currently choose KSD171990 compound for preclinical research.
Under the protection of international patents, Huafeisi will have the entire market for the "jitter" scene, with technology matching drones and other IoT devices. Among them, the face recognition technology breaks through the tradition. It only needs a low-definition camera to recognize hundreds of images in real time. Face, far better than other manufacturers, because they have to install more than 50 fixed high-definition cameras, the cost is very high. Since Huafeisi has a completely self-developed underlying algorithm, it will not be involved in the sanctions of the "US-China trade war". Huafeisi has also received international recognition. In Gartner's assessment report of 97 companies in the global industry, Huafeisi ranked first and two.

Hong Kong competition history

August 29, 2019

Hong Kong Division Launch Ceremony (Cyberport)

Time: 2:30 pm on August 29, 2019

Venue: Conference Hall, Block E, Hong Kong Cyberport Phase 3

September 10, 2019

Project Recruitment Briefing Session (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)

Time: September 10, 2019 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm

Venue: Room 2303, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

September 18, 2019

Project Recruitment Briefing Session (The University of Hong Kong)

Time: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, September 18, 2019

Venue: KB115, New York Building, University of Hong Kong

September 20, 2019

Project Recruitment Briefing Session (Hong Kong Science Park)

Time: 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm, September 20, 2019

Location: Idea Lab, Hong Kong Science Park

November 6, 2019

Hong Kong Finals (Cyberport)

Time: 2:00-6:00 pm, November 6, 2019

Location: Hong KongCyberport