If you are an investor

I hope we recommend investment projects, or find suitable investment projects through us, understand and even follow up with our investment projects, please join the angel investment group.

If you agree to support first and then invest

We hope that through the foundation, we will jointly design a support plan to support innovation and entrepreneurship, giving back to the society while capturing first-hand investment opportunities. Please join the angel investment group.

If you want to learn more, know more

How other investors choose investment projects, their investment orientation, how to avoid risks, and the projects they invest in hope to seek more investors to participate, please join the angel investment group.
Angel Investment Group

Angel Investment Group is a private investment club under the Angel Investment Foundation. It is a place for friends who are interested in seeking investment projects, learning to select investment projects, and even those who have investment projects who want to seek more investor cooperation to communicate, learn from each other and seek cooperation.

The identities, backgrounds and asset scales of the members of the angel investment group are kept confidential. They are highly private investment clubs and regularly exchange projects in high-level private clubs or through video conferences.

Six benefits of angel investment group members

HKD 10 million
Angel investment repurchase protection

Angel investment is a high-risk investment decision. Therefore, we provide up to HK$10 million in share repurchase guarantees for angel investment group members who intend to invest in projects to ensure that members can lock in the highest loss and leave the market.

Up to HKD 1,500
Angel investment loan

The angel investment fund reserves a maximum of HK$15 million for one-year angel investment loans for each angel investment group member to help members seize investment opportunities.

(The project and its financing plan need to be approved by the Angel Investment Foundation in advance, and the Angel Investment Foundation has the right to decide and interpret the final loan approval)

Angel investment funds follow up
Member initiated projects

The angel investment fund will follow up with investment projects initiated or recommended by angel investment groups through angel investment repurchase programs and funding matching equal investment methods, and encourage members to learn to screen and recommend projects.
Assist members recommended items
Conduct investment value analysis
The Angel Investment Foundation provides each member of the angel investment group with investment value analysis of up to five investment projects each year, including the opportunity for the project to reduce the amount of financing with government funding, the attractiveness of the investment return of the financial budget, suggestions for financing plans, and the feasibility of the implementation And risk assessment.
Plan together
New support plan or entrepreneurial activity
We will assist members to sort out their current resources and investment orientation, formulate conditions for screening target investment projects, tailor-made corresponding support plans and entrepreneurial activities, and capture investment goals more accurately through the method of first support and then investment.
Participate in private projects
Exchange and expert sharing activities
The Angel Investment Foundation regularly organizes online roadshows for investment projects recommended by various members. There are also theme lectures in the activities, and different expert speakers are invited to share.
Annual fee for angel investment group members

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